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Let me share a story with you. You may ask why I decided to start a Pet Sitting Business years ago in  1996, I started caring for feral cats at my workplace. I would feed them and take them to the vet if needed. I bottle fed many tiny kittens. I got as many spay/neuter certificates as I could. It was very expensive, but the life of a feral cat is not easy. It was very rewarding to help them, but also heartbreaking. I also started volunteering at two animal shelters. I loved the experience, but sadly, they weren’t no kill shelters. They did their best. There were so many homeless pets!

In 1996, a friend said to me, why don’t you care for pets that have homes. I spent so much time crying for all the homeless pets. Working with pets who were loved sounded terrific! I did my research and talked to a lawyer, so I would do it right. For 17 years I ran my business solo. I wanted my clients to have the best that I could offer and be involved with every aspect of my business! I also work part time as a child caregiver. That is another job that I love and is very rewarding. In 2013 I brought on my Associate Mary. She is a huge asset to my business! We have been friends for 30 years and I totally trust her. She shares my love of animals and has the same work ethic to do her best for our clients! I still volunteer at shelters(Nine Lives of Norton Cat Shelter, Taunton Animal Shelter). They are both no kill shelters!

At Furry Friends, we will give your pet the same love that I gave to all the homeless and the lucky pets who have families that love them. All pets are special and deserve the best life with love and attention in their forever home or waiting for their forever home. If you give us a chance, you will have your life long Pet Sitter!

Why use a Professional Pet Sitter?

At Furry Friends Pet Sitting Service your pet is our number one priority! Cats are our specialty, but dogs and other small animals are very welcome also!

As a Pet Sitter’s International member, We are held to a very high standard of care and take that very seriously. We love all animals very much and would love and care for your pet as if they were our own.

Pets are most relaxed in their own home. They will each get individualized attention when you can’t be there.

Cats especially don’t like unfamiliar surroundings and smells. We can keep them on their normal routine.

Dogs won’t be exposed to illnesses from being in a kennel.  They will also receive one-on-one attention.

We also care for your pet goats and chickens, and many small pets, including, but not limited to, chinchillas, guinea pigs, hamsters.2012-09-14_15-23-52_332
Lilly is a Havanese and one of my best friends!

2 of my awesome cats, Cosmo and Leia

Two of my Awesome cats,
Cosmo and Leia

We also provide Security for your home, giving you peace of mind so you can enjoy your vacation.

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